VICWALL EVENTS was founded in 2017.  Although the company currently is based in Sweden, VICWALL EVENTS is ready to assist in making sure your event is a success, regardless of where in the world you are seeking to create your memory of a lifetime.  

The founder of the Company is Victoria Wallblom. Victoria holds a bachelor degree in Hotel Management at Les Roches Marbella. The last year of Victorias university-studies was focused on events. She has always been very passionate about events and organizing events in her private life as well as for business purposes has been a long time interest and passion for Victoria.

In a short time VICWALL EVENTS will be able to serve you with an online shop under the tab "shop" where you will be able to find products that you can buy for certain events, as well unique jewelry and clothing. Until then, we are happy to help you with styling and choosing the outfit that makes you feel special. Speaking from her experience,  Victoria is convinced that one of the secrets to satisfying the feeling of a fully successful event many times comes from knowing you wore that perfect outfit.  


”Event Management is my passion in life and I hope to fulfill many dreams throughout my years as founder and manager at VICWALL EVENTS. There is nothing that makes me more happy than seeing other genuinely happy and having the time of their life's during and after the completion of a successful event!"

- Victoria Wallblom