Hello all!!

Guess what... I had my first real event as a coordinator at VICWALL! 

On Saturday I planned my brothers surprise birthday party together with his girlfriend. I had the privilege to be the toastmaster as well. 

All the 80 guests gathered 30 min before my brother and his girlfriend arrived to their home. Fiskekrogen in Gothenburg helped us to arrange everything by starting out with serving champagne and different kinds of small dishes such as lobster dumplings, salmon sashimi with soy dressing, mozarella with pickled tomato and duck liver terrine on brioche. After the pree drink we showed the way to the restaurant where the dinner was going to take place, at Fiskekrogen. It was only 500 meters between their apartment and Fiskekrogen - If you're not that lucky to live close by a venue that you like it is easy to arrange a transport for many people. 

When all the guests arrived at Fiskekrogen we had made seating plans for all the guests to know where to sit, each table had a number and the table plan showed exaclty the spots around all the tables with the guests names. We had three round tables and two long ones. We served a four course dinner menu with lobster soup, "löjromstoast", turbot with calf (kalvbräs), shiitake mushroom and dill foam.

For dessert we had ordered cakes with starwars motives from Steinbrenner och Nyberg (one of the best suppliers for cakes in Gothenburg!) and when the staff brought the cakes in we turned on the starwars song, darkened the room and lightened sparklers! It was an amazing moment. (Remember if you don't want to have a theme on your party you could do something small like this to spice it up a bit!) Together with all the food we had wine, avec, coffee and one shot during the dinner. We tasted the menu a couple of months in advance together with the different wines to make sure it all suited well toghether and tasted like the birthday boy likes it. 

After the dinner the band "duochjag" played, I highly recommend this band if you want to get the party started!! Almost everyone were at the dancefloor until we left Fiskekrogen, you could literally touch the happiness in the room. After the dinner we had arranged buses that took us to the nightclub "Push" where Victor Nyberg who is a close friend and the night club manager had helped us to arrange several tables at the VIP area only for us so that we could continue the party all night long. 

I had so much fun planning this event, it was a lot to take care of at the event, arrange during the day of the event and in beforehand but that's what events is all about and I LOVE IT! I am very detailed oriented so I promise when I say that nothing is left behind before, during and after.  Even if you're a coordinator throughout the night and making sure e v e r y t h i n g is in order my passion gets real when I see the happiness in all the guests attending the event! It is worth every second of planning. 

If this type of event finds you interesting I am more than happy to help out! And of course this is only one type of event, I will be honored to make one out of your budget, interests, dreams and thoughts. 


The photos are taken by the fantastic: Christian Norling.


Enjoy the weekend everyone and remember that nothing can replace a lifetime memory <3